10xInnoventures, We are a bunch of experts from the fields of Entrepreneurship, Start-up journeys,  Corporate Experience across the World from different domains, and of course, leveraged access to a consortium of SMEs | Enabling Expertise of taxing, IP, Legal and Structuring of companies.  


With 10xInnoventures, we enable you to get through the initial phase of your journey which may have many parameters either seeming to be known or perceived to be hard to go after. This usually means: get you to the point where you’ve built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale. Then we can introduce you to later stage investors—or occasionally even acquirers.

We collaborate: We invite any Individual or a Consortium to Collaborate with us as SME Guru, Micro Investor, Owner of an Idea | Start-up | Yet-to-start  OR a College Incubator Cell Owner.

As an Investor: Most important motivation for any Investor (can be any level of investment)  will be, an opportunity to be part of an accelerated platform to be an "investor" and be part of the innovation creation journey, concurrently. The investment opportunities will be published based on your appetite after we engage | shortlist | co-create with the applied Start-up Batches.


One more thing - most importantly, anyone has a great potential to be an Individual  Investor having an option to select and partner with Founders. We, provide a fantastic value-add of Risk-Reward-Index, to lead any  Investor to select the most suitable Founders for their goals   

As an Individual Innovator | Founder : we would like to connect with you on the refining of a problem statement or finding solutions for a goal either on your own or along with us, digitally engaged. All these engagements will have a reward mutually agreed for multiple variables or can be a standard graded reward system, details of which will be shared once the project engagements get published. 

What "Acceleration" would you get?

All funding agencies some combination of money and help. What we focus on, has money as by far the smaller component. The most enabling we do is work with startups on their ideas. We’re designers ourselves, we spend a lot of time figuring out how to make things people need and connect with domain expertise through our network of knowledge equity. Hence, we can say - pretty quickly we get to the direction in which a small idea can be expanded and most importantly find a "pace", for an MVP-Most Viable Product or a Solution which generally perceived to be vague or not sure of viability.

There would be many questions the innovators and investors struggle with - being small as "what to name" to the large problem of " how to structure the company to avoid "valley of debt or long term vision of taxation", right upfront. During the initial three months, we manage to enable founders to come up with initial answers to all of them.

Another critical aspect of the struggle is to deal with investors and acquirers. It is not only collaborating on possibilities to get ahead but also, being aware of protections, guide rails to make sure of crashes and burns.

We also get the structuring of startups and locations in a way to help paperwork done properly, holding companies linked, being aware of legal sand-traps, that could cause impactful delays, later. We catalyze the intellectual property needs, like which part to patent, and when. 

It is not just money part of acceleration, which anyone Venture Capital can do but we accelerate the conceptualization, scale, commitment, MVP, and validate quickly as to avoid a costly failure, which anyways, is part of this exciting journey.


Corporate Engagements:

Corporates have a greater challenge of getting on the journey of transformation,  needing to acquire transformative capabilities. The applying of these capabilities for the goals they've in hand or the vision for the "target state", may find a "mindset change" hiccups that may need an "acceleration" from our expertise. This is a greater opportunity for Corporates to engage with us to make a beginning with plans for imparting transformation capabilities and engagements to design the "future proof" experience or a solution for the incumbent problem statement or for a completely new value proposition. 

Also, the current research shows that many Corporate Start-Ups need acceleration on finding a more effective MVP which justify the decisions and funding. The tendency of the Corporates across the world, we have seen, is a want to go in for the “ALL IN” approach for the transformation.


10xInnoventures will bring expertise to enable, catalyze, accelerate and most importantly, "be there" for implementation using  new ways of working having industry practiced frameworks and artefacts. Transformation needs may vary from Enterprise Performance Transformation and Business Transformation, to Customer Centricity-Human Centered Design, Technology Driven, Delivery Transformation, OPEX- Operational Excellence Transformation, Industry 4.0 Focused Transformation and Enterprise Digital Transformation.

Partnering with Start-Ups

This is the core of our offering, to engage start-up or yet to start, ideas to find a more refined goal, viable solution, and accelerated presence in the market to build more effective viability. We've proven Frameworks, Model of Execution, Artefacts, and Coaching expertise to make this work for 10x Impact.

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PRINCIPLES THAT DRIVE US: We think founders are most productive when they can spend most of their time building. We at 10xInnoventures, have a goal of creating an environment where you can focus exclusively on building product and “empathizing” the users.

Our goal is to be the most viable and desirable source of seed solutions and funding for startups and to be that we have to do right, by everyone. The good founders all know one another, so if the groups we fund feel they’re getting a bad deal, no one will want funding from us in the future. 

We, at 10xInnoventures, want to partner with finding solutions, viable models to be commercially making a sense, find the viability from our network and most importantly...we design solutions that may not be readily available and may understand the customer needs, better. Come partner with us in this journey of Innovations and Funding for a 10x Impact to...the Customer!

More than just funds

We make small investments in return for small stakes in the companies we fund. All venture investors supply some combination of money and networking. In our case, the money is by far the smaller component.  We think of the money we invest as more like financial aid in college. See a list of the benefits and resources available to 10xInnoventures founders here.

What happens during this engagement at 10xInnoventures?

The most important thing we do is to work with startups on their ideas or problem statements. We ourselves have done many experiments and learned to fail, early. So we can usually see fairly quickly the direction in which a small idea should be expanded or the point at which to begin attacking a large.


The questions at this stage range from apparently minor (what to name the company) to frighteningly ambitious (the long-term plan for Operating Model). Over the course of three months, we usually manage to help founders come up with initial answers to all of them.

The second most important thing we do is help founders deal with investors and acquirers. Yes, we can make introductions, but that part is easy. We spend much more time teaching founders how to pitch their startups to investors, and how to close a deal once they’ve generated interest. In the second phase we supply not just advice but protection; potential investors are more likely to treat you well if you come from 10xInnoventures because how they treat you determines whether in the future we’ll steer deals toward or away from them.

We also get the startups we fund incorporated properly with all the standard paperwork, avoiding legal time-bombs that could cause serious hassles and delays later. We introduce founders to our partner in growth, the lawyers who will often agree to defer payment for legal work. We regularly help startups find and hire their first employees. We can help with intellectual property questions, like what to patent, and when. One of the least publicized things we do, for obvious reasons, is mediate disputes between founders. No startup thinks they’re going to need that, but most do at some point.

The kind of advice we give literally can’t be bought, because anyone qualified to give it is already rich. You can only get it from investors.

Structure of Start-Up Engagement 

Twice a year, we would like to select a small number (to start with) of startups to work with. We have two batches per year – one from January through April and one from July through October (depending on the complexity of the problem we get to solve.

Before we go further, we connect with SMEs in many industries, IP Experts, Investors, Executives from well-known Technology Companies, and most importantly the Student Wings of Incubation Cells from technology institutions to participate as collaborators. 

During the batch, we host a weekly talk at 10xInnoventures, where we invite an expert in some aspect of startups to speak. Typically, speakers include startup founders, venture capitalists, and executives from well-known technology companies. About twelve to sixteen weeks in, we host Demo Day where all the startups can present their products and services to a specially selected audience of investors and press.

10xInnoventures is occasionally described as a boot camp, as funding startups in batches work better for everyone. It’s more efficient for us and better for the startups, who probably end up helping one another at least as much as we help them.

To apply to 10xInnoventures, We invite the most promising groups to meet us on a digital platform and we make collaborating decisions, immediately afterward.