10x Apply-2021

We're accepting applications from startups for 2021

  1. We have tweaked our plans to accept the applications open ended and have a Quarterly Show'n'Tell Day

  2. Post-Submission-Group Exercises :

  • We'll review and start discussing with the most impactful startups throughout  the year of 2021

  • During a quarterly post-submission cycle,  we co-create, co-design and connect with the domain expertise | mentors to have a connected wisdom to improve the probability of being successful

  • As part of the sprint, we'll have group co-location hours, where you’ll talk to another 2-3 teams along with the 10x Ventures partners for a collaborative amplification of the outcome. These are intended to hash out any similar issues or solutions that emerged in their experience so that we can increase the pace of co-creation.

  3. Co-Creation Phase :

  • The early days of the sprint will be used to focus startups individually and work on to get a workable  solution, together and find a sweet spot of  desirability - feasibility- viability

  • Our goal would be to reach a Demo Day at which the Founders present to a carefully selected, invite-only audience

  • Most importantly, anyone has a great potential to be an Individual  Investor having an option to select and partner with Founders. We, provide a great value-add of Risk-Reward-Index, to lead any  Investor to select the most suitable Founders for their goals  

  • We'll not stop here, but continue to partner with the Founders, as long as startups need to.