We partner to get connected to the journey of Transformation and Corp-Up

10xInnoventures Academy offers to prime the Transformation Capabilities in a two-pronged approach - one, being a partner in priming the Capabilities and the other, to engage in your journey of "E2E Transformation" . Also, is a possibility to engage on standing-up your Corp-Up, starting with designing and developing minimum viable business cases of Innovation Management.
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10xInnoventures Academy offers to prime the Transformative Capabilities and Design the Workshops for hands-on expertise for your diverse needs

We prime the Capabilities of Transformational as Enterprises demand in the following capabilities, though not comprehensive

  • Though, there can be many perspectives to look at the Journey of Transformation, here few sought-after Capabilities, that will make a 10x Impact to your objectives:

    • Digital Transformation - Design Thinking driven Digital Technologies and Agile-Lean

    • Design Doing - Different Levels of Proficiency 

    • Enterprise Agile Transformation - Business and IT

    • Learning to Design an Experience, which can be in any form like that of :

      • CX (Customer Experience)

      • EX (Employee Experience)

      • SD (Services Design) 

    • Amplified Enterprise Performance - OKR integrated with Design Thinking-Agile-Lean-Behavioral Science

    • OPEX Transformation 

    • Delivery Transformation - Engineering-IT or Non-Engineering  

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​Above said focus areas can be driven to, with upskilled | reskilled transformation focused capabilities, learned through Industry Proven Frameworks applied to the "Hands-On Workshops" mode of learning. This approach has been proved highly effective, as in many studies,  to be able to "hot-the-ground-running" on the journey of Transformation. Also, the possibilities of contextualizing and customizing to the needs, will be more preferred. As a feeder to start thinking, we have an extensive experience in engaging with following levels of proficiency in the areas of :

(Note : Curricula of different levels of proficiency, vary in the degree of rigor around hands-on expertise. L1 mostly would be focus on conceptual details to get the basics understood, L2 focuses on hands-on workshop based learning through mock projects and L3 takes a deep dive in to a real world project with hands-on feel on effective techniques to be a practitioner)

  • Design-driven Thinking driven Innovation Management: L1 | L2 | L3  

  • Brain Storming Techniques: L1 | L2 | L3

  • Enterprise Agile Transformation:  L1 | L2 | L3  

  • OPEX Transformation : L1 | L2 | L3 

  • Digital Transformation Hands-On Workshop: L1 | L2 | L3  

  • Behavioral Science applied to CX | AI | Customer Acquisition

We partner in "E2E Transformation"  to avoid the "Valley of  Death", focusing on co-creation to stand-up a Corp-Up, connecting dots from unbiased perspective 

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Any Enterprise needing to stand-up a Corp-Up , CX Driven Digital Transformation, Design | Implement a transformative customer centric  Target Operating Model, Product| Process Transformation, Services Transformation, New Ways of Working Model, OPEX | EX Transformation and more importantly to create a High Performing Enterprise, riding the wave of  Transformation and Experience Economy!   

Explore with us to define your goals and step in to the "design doing".